Public Sector

Engineered for durability and security

Government Buildings demand a high level security for both internal and external openings. The key is to combine functionality with optimal security and aesthetic design to fit the opening requirements. Our technical team is highly qualified in writing comprehensive hardware specifications to define the most effective security doorsets combined with access controls systems and mechanical hardware with patented keying systems to fit the end user level of security. Our Opening Solutions delivers specifications on various performance levels and engineered to meet or exceed industry standards.


Fewer parts & streamlined hardware

Education Facilities faces a number of challenges and require effective solutions. Only innovative and high performance doorsets that feature long life cycles will comply to the facilities’ specification and withstand high risk applications and heavy traffic areas. Our depth of knowledge in the sector enables us to work closely with the Architects as Specifiers during the design stages to develop bespoke solutions to meet specific technical requirements. Our Openings Solutions are tested and certified, delivering fire rated and acoustic doorsets with unmatched durability for the most rigorous environments.


Long life cycle & minimal maintenance

Healthcare establishments must follow strict guidelines and adhere to building codes and accreditation. The objective is to provide solutions to withstand heavy usage and encounters from medical equipment, bacteria and microbes while maintaining the high standards for both patients and medical professionals. Supported by our understanding of hygienic environments, we offer patented anti-microbial hygienic solutions for healthcare facilities and medical centers. Our Openings Solutions cover a comprehensive range of radiation protection and fire rated doorsets in bespoke sizes, along with double egress frame options with specified hardware and sealing.


Security & design flexibility you need

Office environments require an aesthetic appeal that reflects the corporate image of the end user. We offer a wide array of innovative doorsets with the added value of exacting quality to fit various criteria such as sound control, fire rating and emergency applications that deliver technical performance and durability, whilst satisfying the functional requirements of any office suite. We have extensive experience in the commercial sector and work closely with Architects and Designers to determine accurate Opening Solutions compliant to all required specification, and scaleable to meet expansive project specific applications.


Make a lasting first impression

Hotel interiors reflect elements of the personality and mode of the propreitor. Our doorsets complement the surroundings with elegance combined with functionality that meet technical performance and environmental standards. Our Opening Solutions encompass energy efficient design, with the added value of fire protection, smoke control, moisture resistant cores and RFID integrated access control hardware systems. Our Specifiers has the experience and technical capabilities and collaborate with the Developers, Architect and Interior Designers to carefully detail the required achitectural elements to comply with the building codes and requirements.


Get the most out of your investment

Residential and Luxury Condos requires durable and diverse solutions for internal and perimeter applications. We offer a comprehensive line of Stile & Rail, MDF, Hollow Metal and Fiberglass doorsets engineered for sound insulation and corrosive environments complete with architectural and ancillary hardware to meet various performance specifications.

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