BR Series- Bullet Resistant

  • BR series- bullet resistant door specifications:
  • BR series door is bullet labeled only when paired as assembly with br series frame
  • Designed at close range to deflect up to level 3 spsa ammunition as approved by underwriters laboratory
  • Level 1=.38 caliber
  • Level 2=.357 caliber
  • Level 3=.44 caliber
  • 1 inner sheet of 14 gauge cold rolled steel, stretcher leveled quality of flatness
  • 14 gauge standard
  • Available in level 1 – 3 bullet resistant assemblies
  • Polystyrene core standard
  • Cold rolled steel standard
  • Available in A40, A60 galvannealed and G90 galvanized steel
  • Mesker grey primer standard
  • Available unprimed (galvanized and galvannealed) and factory prefinished in thousands of colors
  • Flush face standard
  • Glass size capabilities for br series doors as follows: 12″ min-30″max in width, 12″ min-60″ max in height
  • Exclusive door design includes:
  • Mechanically interlocking pan and lid design
  • 7 gauge hinge reinforcements with an extra-long, high frequency top hinge
  • Reinforcement standard
  • Closer reinforcement standard
  • Inverted top channel standard
  • Available flush top
  • Built to meet and exceed ADA, ANSI, ASTM, and SDI standards (UL 752)


Tested for Commercial & Institutional High Traffic Applications

Meets the requirements of ADA, ANSI, ASTM E152 and SDI Standards

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