Particleboard Core

Industry Performance Standards WDMA IS.1.A13 & AWS Edition 2 – 2014 (also older version of WDMA, AWI 1300 and WI Section 20 when specified)

Thickness 1-¾”, 2”, 2-¼” Ÿ 1- 3 /8” (max size 1- 3 /8” 30 X 70 & 60 X 70 pair)

Maximum Sizes Single 40 x 100 Pairs 80 x 100 (regular or DE pair)

Certified Core 100% FSC® Certified NAUF Particleboard Core with chain of custody certification. Core contains no added urea-formaldehyde. Graded to the ANSI A 208.1, Grade LD- 2 specification for door core, the panel has an average density of 32lb. per cubic foot. Core is LEED compliant for credits, MR 4, and IEQ 4.4

Stiles Matching veneer or HPL over Structural Composite Lumber (SCL) Standard options: solid wood, painted, PVC, etc. (contact factory for full details)

Rails Structural Composite Lumber (SCL) Optional: Oversized rails available

Faces Domestic & exotic veneer species, medium density overlay or .050 HPL

Core Assembly Stiles & rails securely bonded to core using our state of the art hot press technology.

Face Assembly Adhesive Faces & crossbands (engineered wood product) hot-pressed to core with Type I glue

Warranty Interior Use—Life of installation High Gloss Finish/ Exterior Use—No Warranty * See complete warranty for details.

Labeling 20 Minute Rating: 1-¾” thick or thicker doors Subject to ASTM E-152 and Intertek Testing Services (Warnock Hersey) Negative or Positive Pressure

Special Details Machining for template hardware, lights, louvers, Dutch doors, special blocking, & applied moldings. Refer to specific technical sheets for details and limitations. * Louvers not allowed with 20 minute rating

Factory Finish WDMA TR-8/AWS System 9 (UV Cured Acrylated Polyurethane) > Clear > Standard color selections > Custom color matching available > Priming for field painting

Acoustic Rating STC 31 (operable unit) when installed with appropriate gasketing 1-¾” only

LEED® v3 Credit Assistance MR 4 Recycled Content—Entire assembly 85% pre-consumer, 0% post-consumer. Core 100% pre-consumer, 0% post-consumer MR 7 Certified Wood > FSC® Certification # SCS-COC-004714 > FSC® License # FSC-C020145 EQ 4.4 Low Emitting Material Content


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Meets the requirements of AS-ED.1, WDMA I.S. 1-A-2004 ASTM D5456-09

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