Particleboard Core

Edge finishing
Matching edge
Particleboard core (PC) (interior use).
In conformity with industry standards
W.D.M.A. SERIES I.S.1-A-2013
ASTM D5456-09
ANSI A208.1
Fire Rating Details
20 minute neutral or positive pressure.
UL 10C Positive pressure Category A in option
UL 10C Positive pressure Category B
UL 10B Neutral pressure
NFPA 252
Refer to fire-rated options of our Architectural Catalog (e-version)
20 minute: 1-3/4 in (44 mm) to 2-1/4 in (57 mm).
Non-rated: 1-3/8 in (35 mm).
Maximum size
Positive pressure: 48 po x 108 po (1219 mm x 2743 mm).
Neutral pressure: 48 po x 120 po (1219 mm x 3048 mm).
Non-rated: 48 po x 120 po (1219 mm x 3048 mm).
ME (Matching Edge): 7/16 in (11 mm) hardwood. Laminated to 1 in (25 mm) Structural Composite Lumber (SCL).
1-7/16 in (36 mm) Structural Composite Lumber (SCL).
Particleboard core with a density of 28-32 PCF (449-513 kg/m3) LD-1 bonded to the stiles and rails.
Type I (Waterproof); PVA (UF-Free); VOC< 0,683 g/L.
Wood veneer, MDO or HPDL laminated to a HDF.
Lambton Doors’ EDGEFENDER: High impact resistant edges.
PE (Plastic Edge); HPDL edges.
15/16 in (24 mm) wood (mill option) or hardwood laminated to 1 in (25 mm) Structural Composite Lumber (SCL).
Lite and louver opening
Cut-out must not exceed 40% of door area (LD-1). All models: minimum 5 in (127 mm) from stiles or rails. Non-rated: minimum 1-1/2 in (38 mm) from cut-out to cut-out. 20 minute: minimum 2-3/4 in (70 mm) from cut-out to cut-out.
Wood louvers not permitted with 20 minute labeled doors.
Stile and rail dimensions shown are rough sizes, before trimming.
Factory finish
UV Finishing System 9 by AWI. Stain, clearcoat, opaque and primed finish available. Custom color matching available. No VOC. Sealed top and bottom standard. Lambton Doors’ ASEPTI: Antimicrobial coated surface in option.


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Meets the requirements of AS-ED.1, WDMA I.S. 1-A-2004 ASTM D5456-09

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