Acoustical Proprietary Core

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Edge finishing
Matching edge
Sound dampening core (interior use).
In conformity with industry standards
W.D.M.A. SERIES I.S.1-A-2013
C.S.A. 0132.2 Serie 90
ASTM E90-99
ASTM E413-87
ASTM D5456-09
1-3/4″ (44 mm).
Maximum size
48″ x 120″ (1 219 mm x 3 048 mm).
EME (Matching Edge): 7/16 in (11 mm) hardwood. Laminated to 1 in (25 mm) Structural Composite Lumber (SCL).
Top rail
1-7/16 in (36 mm) Structural Composite Lumber (SCL).
Bottom rail
3 in (76 mm) Structural Composite Lumber (SCL).
Proprietary material.
Type I, fully waterproof; PVA (no urea formaldehyde); VOC < 0,683 g/L.
Wood veneer or MDO bonded to a UF free composite crossband. No added urea formaldehyde resin.
Acoustical rating
STC27. For pair and transom, the STC rating will be affected.
EPE (Plastic Edge): HPDL edges.
Lambton Doors’ EDGEFENDER: High impact resistant edges.
15/16 in (24 mm) wood (mill option) or hardwood laminated to 1 in (25 mm) Structural Composite Lumber (SCL).
Lite opening
Limited to 1,296 in2 (0,836 m2). Will affect STC rating.
Available 20 minute fire-rated in positive and neutral pressure. In positive pressure maximum height 108 in (2743 mm) and neutral pressure maximum height 120 in (3048 mm). Refer to Technical Space of our Website for details.
For pair and transom, Lambton Doors will provide a wood or listed astragal with S88BL Siliconseal™ gasket. Available for 20 minute fire-rated door.
Stile and rail dimensions shown are rough sizes, before trimming. Dimensions will vary depending on the hardware.
Doors tested using double S88BL SiliconSeal gasket, 434ARL drop seal, 2005AT threshold and 3 standard hinges. The use of hardware other than those tested will affect STC rating.
Available 20 minute fire-rated in positive and neutral pressure. Refer to Technical Space of our Website for details.
Factory finish
UV Finishing System 9 by AWI. Stain, clearcoat, opaque and primed finish available. Custom color matching available. No VOC. Sealed top and bottom standard. Lambton Doors’ ASEPTI: Antimicrobial coated surface in option.
LEED ® Credits
MRc4.1, 4.2: Recycled content.
MRc7: FSC Certified Wood available on request.
IEQ4.4 : Low Emitting Materials. UF-Free.


Lambton Doors

Delivering Technical Performance

Meets the requirements of AS-ED.1, WDMA I.S. 1-A-2004 ASTM D5456-09

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